Listify 隐私政策

July 30, 2019

Listify 隐私政策

简而言之,Listify 不会收集您的任何隐私

Listify 的云同步功能基于 Apple 的 Cloudkit 开发,所有同步请求均发送至 iCloud 服务器,您的数据在传输过程中会通过SSL加密来确保安全。您在 Listify 中产生的的数据不会被存在第三方服务器中并且本开发者无法访问您的传输内容与您的相关相关信息,譬如您的iCould 账号邮箱或账号名称。

更多关于 CloudKit 的隐私问题请参阅 Apple 的隐私声明与 iOS 安全白皮书:

Listify Privacy Policy

TL;DR, Listify will not gather any of your private information

Sync service on Listify is developed bases on Apple CloudKit, all sync requests will be send to iCloud servers, your data is encrypted using SSL for ensuring the security during the transmission. Your data in Listify will not be saved to 3rd party servers, developer do not have the access to the transmission content and your personal information, such as your iCloud account email address and account name.

For more details about CloudKit privacy please refer to Apple privacy statement and iOS security white paper:


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